About the group starting in January 2020.



Why level C1:

C1 is the highest qualification needed to permit access to the general job market. The next level, C2, is more necessary in more ‘literary’ employment.

Why C1 now:

If, when looking at a CV, a prospective employer sees that a candidate for a position had a proven C1 level of English at school age, that will prove this person has a level consolidated over many years.

What is Trinity GESE:

Trinity General Examination of Spoken English is an  Oral exam. We all know that to write an answer to a question is easier than to to speak and explain yourself, particularly in a language that is not your own. This makes the GESE level 11 (out of 12) C1, a particularly important addition to the Cambridge CAE or other multi skill examinations.

Is it a practical exam, will it be of use to me in ‘real life’:

Absolutely.  In the ‘real world’ and with improved computer programs, art is easier for people to write a convincing e-mail. Speaking, however, is a very different skill. Can you speak fluently enough, with the ‘right’ word at the ‘right’ moment and in the ‘right’ context’? Speaking MUST be practiced in class, which is why schoolchildren leave school unable to speak fluently.

Is it recognized widely:

Trinity is one of the biggest examination bodies worldwide with examination in all areas from dancing and music to English as a foreign language. It is recognized in most countries worldwide, including Spain. The Grade 11 examination requires the student to speak for 25 minutes with a professional English speaking examiner about a variety of different topics and in different scenarios.

Is GESE different to CAE:

They are very different and that is what makes them so complimentary.  Although CAE consists of 5 individual examinations, GESE is a 25 minute oral examination with NO written component.  This proves that the candidate is capable of speaking independently, presenting a complex topic and defending his/her ideas as well as speaking about both everyday and more abstract ideas, at C1 level.

This group will be a CAMBRIDGE ADVANCED EXAMINATION preparation group for 2021with the option of a TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON, GESE, level 11 qualification in 2020.

What is the C.E.F.R.?

This is the European Union standard for language competence. An example of how it is used is this equivalence table from The University of Cambridge Examinations:

Cambridge English Scale